I believe that every student—and teacherin America should learn about the importance of energy, including fossil fuel energy, in empowering human beings to improve our lives and our environment.

I remember as a college student at Duke University I learned next-to-nothing about how coal, oil, and natural gas improve billions of lives. However, I waslike most studentsexposed to endless proselytizing about how fossil fuels were causing climate catastrophe.

I wrote The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels to be the book I wish I had gotten as a student—a book that uses primary sources, big-picture thinking, and clear explanations to help us make the right energy choices going forward. The book officially launches November 13, 2014.

So I want to make this offer:

If you are a high school, college, or grad student—or a teacherwho is interested in energy or environmental issues, I will send you a FREE hardcover copy (including free shipping) of my book while supplies last.

I will send out at least 1000 free copies, hopefully more. All I ask is that you tell a friend.

Alex Epstein

Update 02/2015: I have already sent out over 1000 free copies and will be sending more in the coming months, but please be aware that I cannot guarantee we will have funding to fulfill all requests immediately.

Teachers: if you would like to request books for your classroom, click here.


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